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More about Pac-Man Game

Pac-Man Game is an iconic classic game that is still very popular. You can play it for unlimited time and for free, online. Even though Pac-Man has simple rules, it takes time to become a pro. Learn everything you need to win and how to play this game in the following section.

How to Play Classic Pac-Man Game

Classic Pac-Man Game consists of a maze, tunnel, four ghosts, 244 dots, Pac-Man, and occasional fruit. The object of the game is to avoid ghosts and eat all the dots and fruit. All ghosts are moving differently, and they want to eat you. The only way to beat ghosts named Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde is to eat energizers. Energizers are four bigger dots. When you eat an energizer, all ghosts will turn blue. During that time, you can eat them. Once you eat them, their eyes return to their ghost box, where they regenerate. To achieve the perfect score, kill the ghosts, and collect all dots and fruits without dying. Take your time, because this game has no time limit.  

Trick to get the best score is to move in a pattern. For different versions of the game, there are different patterns, such as the cherry pattern, the mid-fruit pattern, and the apple pattern. Follow patterns, or make your own, there is no doubt you’ll enjoy playing this game over and over again to beat your high score.

History of Classic Pac-Man Game

Origin of Classic Pac-Man Game is Japanese, and it dates back to the 1980ies. This incredibly popular game was intended for men and women, and also children because of its colorful graphics. After a few Guinness records and several versions of the game, it’s clear this classic isn’t going anywhere. The market for this game is still very much alive and circulates millions in sales.