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More about Classic Snake Game

The Classic Snake Game is meant for all ages. Some would say it’s old-fashioned, because of its simple rules and graphics. We would call it retro because it’s still popular and played all over the world.

How to play

If you read the following instructions, it will be easy to learn how to play. The representation of a snake is a dot that slowly moves on screen. To move the snake in the desired direction use arrow keys on your keyboard. Feed the snake by collecting food represented as plus-shaped dots. But be aware, every time that you collect food, the snake gets longer and harder to manipulate. Do not, by any means, hit the walls or your tail, or the game is over.

When you reach a point where the size of the snake is too large to easily manipulate, try to shape the snake to consume the least amount of space possible. Try to move in that shape and patiently wait to reach the food. That way there is more chance to stay longer in the game and catch more food.

The more you play the Classic Snake Game, the easier it will be to improve your reflexes and win a new high score.

History of Classic Snake Game

The Classic Snake Game first was introduced to players worldwide during the 90ties. This game was featured on Nokia phones and is currently available to play online.