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More about Classic 2048 Game

Classic 2048 Online Game is a great game for exercising your brain. Another description would be a simple game of patience and concentration. It’s you against the grid of numbers 4×4. Soon you’ll see that adding numbers was never this fun.

How to Play Classic 2048 Online Game

Classic 2048 game consists of a grid 4×4. Use arrow keys to move sliding blocks of numbers two and four. When blocks collide, numbers add. Only the same numbers can add, for example, four and four give eight, two eights give sixteen, etc.

The object of the game is to get number 2048 by adding numbers two and four. If possible, you can continue to play. Game is over when there are no same numbers to add, and the grid is full.

The trick to staying longer in the game and getting 2048 is to form a descending order of numbers in one row. Avoid using up and down arrows to create a better order of numbers, so it’s easier to add them.

History of Classic 2048 Online Game

Gabriele Cirulli is the Italian developer that programmed the Classic 2048 game in just two days as an experiment. The game was released in 2014. Soon enough, the game became an obsession for a lot of players. Classic 2048 is an open-source game from the start. There are a few variations of this game, but most of them are still free.