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More about Classic Doodle Jump Game

Doodle Jump Game is a highly addictive single-player game. Because of its colorful graphics, it was intended for kids. Nevertheless, even grown-ups won’t be able to resist this cute game. If you don’t input, on the start, the desired nickname, it will be Doodler by default.  

How to Play Doodle Jump Game

Doodle Jump Game consists of colorful steps or platforms on which Doodler can jump. In this version, green steps are immobile and safe, blue move horizontally, brown break after one jump, yellow disappear after one jump, etc.

Avoid moving monsters, if you jump into them, it’s game over. If you get a chance, you can hit flying monsters with arrow up key, or use a button on the screen that says HIT. Also, avoid black hols and jumping into blank space. This will end the game. Try to jump on objects on the steps, such as springs, propeller hats, jetpacks, rockets, trampolines, etc., because they will give you a boost. 

The object of the game is to climb the highest you can. If you lose, repeat, and next time try to get higher.

You can play Doodle Jump Game for free on our website.

History of Doodle Jump Game

Doodle Jump Game was developed by Lima Sky, and released worldwide in 2009. There are a few versions of this game with different graphics, but whatever you choose, it’ll be just as fun to play.