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More about Classic MineSweeper Game

Classic MineSweeper is a free online game that anyone can play. But, there is a catch. You’ll need a bit of strategy and a lot of patience to win this one. 

How to Play Classic MineSweeper Online Game

Classic MineSweeper Online Game has a grey background with different numbers of fields for three levels, easy(10 mines), intermediate(40 mines) and hard(99 mines). Behind these fields are in fact mines and numbers. When you click on the field, you’ll see one number or possibly bigger area of numbers with empty fields. If you’re unlucky, there will be a mine and a game over screen. These numbers give you the necessary information about the location of the mines. Number one means that in adjacent fields, that form a square around that number, there is only one mine. All numbers show the number of mines in adjacent fields. When you have several numbers reveled, squares overlap, and you can exactly determine the location of the mines.    

If you think that you don’t have enough information where the mine is, there is always a fifty percent chance that you could be right. Take your chances, or give it some time to be sure you don’t have a secure choice. 

The object of the game is to flag all mines on the field. Upon completion, move to the next level. There is no time limit, so choose your moves wisely. Tip for the win is to move from corners towards the center of the field.

History of Classic MineSweeper Online Game

Classic MineSweeper dates back to the 1960ies. Since then, this game has found its place on many platforms and integrated into various operating systems. Versions of the game change, but the object stays the same. Reveal all mines without detonation.